Jendayi Omowale


abouT ME

I am obsessed with narratives. Whether creating them, drawing from narratives of my own, or diversifying the universe by amplifying narratives usually ignored or unheard of, my basis as a writer is to interact and connect with the world around me through the medium of narrative. Being hyper-aware of the reciprocal relationship media has with what we prioritize as a society, I desire to be a demotic voice. I am intrigued in the role art has in both utopian and dystopian renderings of society’s past, present, and future and what people do with this information; thus, I am fond of writing about theatre, fashion, photography and other forms of artistic expression. Activist efforts are another quintessential topic of mine as I think they capture humanity at its most honest moments.  As a writer, my first priority is covering diverse narratives regardless of platform, engaging in print, photo and broadcast journalism.

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